Dead 7 (2016) Full Movie Dvd Online

Dead 7    01 Apr 2016

TV-14 120 min HD MoviesHorrorWestern

IMDB: 5.6/10 245 votes

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For a B-Movie crazy person like myself, Dead 7 sounds like a late-night dream. Take a few 90s-time boyband symbols, toss them into a steampunk-y Western oppressed world, and record an end credits cooperation with melodiously tied-in cheesiness. Backstreet’s back, right?! Off-base.

Much regrettably, crowds are “dealt with” to yet another disaster piece civility of The Asylum digital TV’s driving group in cut-rate, story less weariness for everybody. It’s a disgrace this zombie shoot-out squanders high as can be classification potential on a studio who’s more about advertising ploys than creation, since, might I venture to say a grin crawled all over a few times?

The cast is a’s who of your irritating younger sibling’s dream sweethearts, including individuals from N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, 98ยบ, O-Town and Everclear however not Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass or any of the BIG names (sans Joey Fatone, I presume? Is Nick Carter still a thing?). Dead 7 is about Carter and his posse of brave scalawags, as they battle back against an insidious, zombie-controlling voodoo priestess known as Apocolypta.

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