High School Possession (2014) Full Movie Dvd

High School Possession    25 Oct 2014

R 88 min HD MoviesHorrorThriller

IMDB: 5.5/10 205 votes

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When I heard that last night’s Lifetime motion picture was called High School Possession, I considered… well, a high school possession. You know, as in a high school understudy being controlled by a devil who makes her discussion like a startling man and retch pea soup and turn her head around 360 degrees. And after that I could make a pack of jokes like, “Adolescents acting like evil presences? What else is new, am I right? Badum bum.” But I can’t make those jokes, since that is not what this motion picture is about. It’s just about blockheads who believe there’s a possession going on despite the fact that there unmistakably isn’t.

We’re acquainted with our absolutely not had high schooler Chloe (Jennifer Stone) amid one of her soccer matches, amid which a melody is playing that elements the expression “the voices in my mind.” Gotta love Lifetime motion pictures and their exacting verses.

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